Thursday, June 12, 2003


Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I....didnt write for a while because i didnt want to and i still dont want to but im very bored and i feel like im gonna vomit so i thought....why not?! and now for some reason i am very annoyed at this thing.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG.......................i am very frustrated and annoyed and mad and.....i don't not gonna type why because...i will say stuff i did, stuff...and such... but im not gonna go and tell the internet people my life story because then they would realize how short it actually is. what's up with people saying "good luck"? It's not like saying good luck is gonna actually give that person good theres no point in saying thanks back or whatever. Its like...walking into a dark alley and before you go..someone says... "dont get shot" and you say thanks......AND BECAUSE THEY SAY THAT...YOU WONT GET SHOT....RIGHT?!?! WRONG!! BECAUSE YOU WALK INTO THAT ALLEY, AND YOU GET SHOT! And now what does that person who said dont get shot do? do you take back the "thank you" cuz you really did get shot! DESPITE the person telling you not to! if your in a concert... have a solo or something and the person goes good luck....and you say thanks....then you go on stage and you mess up that solo like no other....are you gonna go back to the person and be like "psshhh yea....thanks for the 'good luck' jerk".....and would it work the other way around? could someone say "bad luck"....what then? do you say "NO I DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR BAD LUCK! GET IT AWAY!"..........i just dont know...i just think saying good luck should be outlawed because saying good luck does not give that person good luck......and if they say thanks and mess up....well.......I JUST DONT anyway.....i just needed to get that out i do every now and then....when i think of some pointless share....with the world

Tuesday, May 13, 2003 am currently frustrated beyond all reason.......BUT ANYWAY.....ON A BRIGHTER NOTE...I SUPER GLUED MY SHOE TO THE FLOOR DURING LUNCH, so that was fun!

Monday, May 12, 2003

ok...........i dunno.....on saturday me and regina went to the WMZQ concert (which is country for all of you who dont know) and regina explained it quite good so im just gonna put what she wrote in gonna be from her perspective so dont get confused!!!

Haha yesterday was the WMZQ fest...never seen so many hillbillys in my life......everyone was drunk and crazy........yep...i got my fill of second hand smoke yesterday...yuck....I was trying to eat nachos and I was like being choked by all the people who were smoking.... but yeah Katie and I had alot of fun! We got to the Nissan pavillion at like 11 am...and it was continued to pour untill 5 when main stage actually began...and because Katie and I are always unprepared and dorky like that...We went around stealing all thease plastic banners and wore one as a poncho....ahaha it was incredible...cuz like...i dont know...i guess its because we were separated at birth and are long lost sisters.. haha but we had no trouble at all moving as one under this plastic banner of a poncho....people were staring at us and this group of guys was like "now thats what im talkin about!!" when they saw us pass...ahahaha so we picked out our lawn seats and used one plastic banner we stole to sit on...and the other 4 warmth... so we sat under our "poncho" for about an hour or two and looked very pathetic to try and get ppl to share an umbrella or something... but that didnt I decide to venture out into the rain to get us some food....when i came back i had aquired an actual ponch from my mom and another sign that i we were happy...for a while...and then when the rain finally stopped 4 a while ppl were passing out beach balls...and it turned into this crazy muddy beach ball war...which was alot of fun...and people soon became quite possesive over when a beach ball came our way...of course we were not going to pass it...well after we each had one we participated....but the 1st two we got, we deflated and put in out pockets...after the beachball thing died down a little...thease guys started a mud sliding thing...which was cool cuz after all it was on a hill...and was quite tempting...but my mom was like..regina....if u get all muddy..u are NOT getting in my i couldnt :( katie took a picture of this guy covered in mud sliding down the hill hahah...soon after this my sister and her friend and my mom...decided to migrate to the spot that katie and i were sitting at... it made things a little less comfortable...but it was yucky to begin with..but thats okay...they moved cuz...they were sitting infront of thease crazy drunk ppl that kept throwing stuff at my sister and her friend and they were screaming and the beachball war continued and show was really really good!!!!! I can actually say..that i like ALL music now...yes even we listened to Joe Nichols (i love him!), some girl...i 4get her name but she was really good!!(FORGIVE ME KATIE!),Diamond Rio, Alan Jackson...who apparently is VERY popular....and someone else...grr cant remember the name...but i have now a great appreciation for country music....yayay!!! it was soo much fun!!! so yeah..okay now onto the crazy points of yesterday.....

*ahahah my mom had to go back out to the car to get something and when she was coming back she saw this drunk girl get kicked out... and like after being 15ft inside the gate...she saw her climbing over the fence...and the security ppl saw her too.. so she got over the fence and started running...but not cuz she was about to be caught..but cuz she split her pants climbing over the fence....and she had no underwear she ran to the bathroom...ahaha yeah...well i thought itwas funny....

*this guy near us got really drunk so he was like passed out on the ground and after lying on the ground for about 5 minuets he woke up and said "aww shit..i pissed my pants"....hahaha poor guy...his friend ended up putting a jacket over him so that no one could see....and beacuse katie and i thought it was funny we took a picture of him.....she dared me to go over and sit on him so she could be like..heres a pictrure of a drunk man...and heres a picture of regina sitting on the drunk man...ahahaha...but the guys friends were also drunk and quite i didnt wanna risk getting beat up..cuz this one guy was like screaming at everyone who like said anything to him...

*this girl named Montana...was sitting behind us...with her mother...and like every five seconds her mother would say her name....and the poor kid would like get in trouble for walking 5 feet away from her mom...and cuz katie and i have a tendancy to scream when were happy...her mom told us several times "could u like not scream?!"....arrggg what the hell? ur at a concert woman..what?! did u expect it to be quite and peaceful?!

* several ppl decide that it would be a good idea to throw mud at ppl....but infourtionately.....innocent ppl with babies and young children got involved by accident...this made many mothers and fathers and other relatives very VERY several teenagers were about to get smacked down by angry middle aged men...hahhah it was really really funny...

*at the end of the concert there were these buckets of turkey hill ice cream...and u were allowed to take as many as u katie and i filled a bag with over 20 ice creams....and we got two free iced teas...and when we got to the car we realised that we would have to eat it all in the car... so we decided to try and eat as much as we we ended up both eating
3...and we gave some to my sister and her friend...who both ate 4.... yeah..we kinda go over board with free stuff....ahahahah

OK AND NOW BACK TO ME! Yes...i love country music.....its the best ever.......BEST...EVER...................OK BYE?!?

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

thank you emily...for taking over my blog and taking that quiz for me.....thanks so much! :) By the way...i am against those quizes in every way....i could make a quiz that says your dead...BUT YOUR NOT....but that doesnt stop me from making it!!! They are lies....and based totally on opinion...not fact...STUPID STUPID STUPID!! That quiz is not what im like....that is what someone who doesnt know me thinks im like..and you know what...i think they are a moron. because those quizes arent want real quizes made by scientist people you go to but if you want those crappy quizes made by like..drunk people who want to feel good about my guest...
Half the time your answer wont even be there!!! its like..
whats your favorite color?
A) Pink
B) Bright Pink
C)Light Pink
D) Purple


I decided to take it upon myself to make my own prove to you that they are crap....go here

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

this is emily.... taking voer for a quick secondf=/1

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I WOULD JUST LIKE TO TAKE THIS TO TO stop writing in capital letters, but also, to say THANKS, THANKS SO MUCH, to Emilio who so kindly made a tribute to me, and my blogging. THANKS EMILIO! I would also like to take this time to thank Roo for making such...wonderful pieces of art for me such as....the eraser dino....the painting entitled, "Wasting Paint", and the thumb painting. I LOVE THEM TO THE MAX! THANKS ROO! I would also like to take this time to say that i am going to rip my ear off my head because there is no pain....that can be compared to the pain that i am currently experiencing.....except like....being killed with a chainsaw or....having someone dig your eyes out with a fork. Now that i have taken the time to say those ever so important....things...i have realized...that i am a moron and have nothing else to say OK BYE!!! ( notice the lack of punctuation separating the "say" and the "OK", because it is meant to be read like this.... "nothing-else-to-say-OK-BYE" in one contant motion, with a stress on the OK and the BYE)